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Smilelign & Inman aligners

Smilelign and Inman Aligners

We are also able to offer Smilelign Clear Braces and Inman Aligners to straighten teeth.


Smilelign is a clear aligner system working the same way as Invisalign but is manufactured in the UK using the latest 3D scanning technology to assess both the shape and the biting surfaces of your teeth to determine how they fit together.

A series of aligners are custom made each being slightly different to move your teeth gradually to their new position. The aligners must be worn full time i.e. at least 22hours a day for the treatment to be successful.


Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners can work very quickly but only affect the front six teeth. So if only minimal movement is required they can be a very useful option, taking as little as twelve weeks to achieve the desired result. These aligners again are custom made and are more like a traditional removable appliance. These must again be worn for about 22hours a day being taken out for eating and cleaning only.